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CHSZ Group of Companies is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of high-quality glass containers for beer, alcoholic beverage, food and other industries.

Chagoda Glass Factory was founded in 1931.

Чагодощенский стеклозавод. 1974 год Чагодощенский стеклозавод. 1974 год Чагодощенский стеклозавод. 1974 год Чагодощенский стеклозавод. 1974 год

Convenient geographical location and the presence of the railway has contributed to the dynamic development of our business. Initially, we produced sheet glass in our factory; in the 1980s, the volume of the glass factory production amounted to 15% of the total volume of window glass produced in the USSR.

In March 1999, with the support of investors, Chagoda Glass Factory and K LLC was reconstructed and redeveloped for the production of glass containers. At the same time, the first workshop for the production of glass containers was launched with the second workshop being launched only six months later. Exactly three years later, in March 2003, the construction of the third workshop was completed. The annual output reached 740 million glass containers.

Due to the increasing demand for our products, it was decided to build a subsidiary – CHSZ-Lipetsk LLC. In June 2006, a glass factory, the first resident of the special economic zone, was registered. One year later the first and second workshops for production of glass bottles were launched.

From 2008 to the present, the CHSZ Group of Companies has been justifiably regarded as the largest in Russia. The production capacities of the factories have enabled us to produce up to 1.5 billion glass containers per year. Both factories use modern technological equipment; only advanced technologies are used in production

CHSZ ranks as one of the top producers by the volume of production in the rating of companies manufacturing glass bottles. Its share in total output is 11.5 – 15%

Both factories are equipped with high-tech equipment from such manufacturing companies as Parkinson-Spencer LTD (Great Britain), TIAMA (France), AGR (America), LWNLufttechik (Germany), Zecchetti (Italy), Sklostroj, MoraviaGlassTechnology (Czech Republic).

Страны компаний производителеи

High level of production and quality allows us to work with transnational companies such as Carlsberg, ABInBevEfes, Heineken, Moscow Brewing Company, etc.

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